GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte

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Jumps are a big part of rallycross racing.  The jump at Charlotte was not a particularly big one, but it was at the turn coming off the asphalt outside the regular course, back into the clay infield, so managing the loading and unloading of the suspension was critical.

GRC Lites is quite an operation.  10 cars, several transporters, loads of spare parts and tires.  But all of us drivers still need to be hands on.There's limited time in between the heats, so if something needs fixing, we need to all jump in, so the more we are familiar with the car, the quicker we can get it done.  And that can be the difference between making the race or not.

GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte - IMG_9666.jpg

GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte - IMG_7364.jpg

Race day morning.  The #65 Global Rallycross Supercar Lite has no idea what's coming today... and neither do we....that's one of the fun parts of rallycross racing!

GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte - IMG_0229.jpg

The clay at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway....  overall more grip than you would expect and fairly predictable to slide on.  That is, unless it was wet, when it became diabolical.

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The fun and challenging part of rallycrossing is the transitions from dirt to asphalt. I did some training this year at RallyPro at the Firm in Florida and it was a huge help. Gave me some valuable knowledge and off-road experience.

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At the start of the finals, I took the outside line and passed a couple of cars in the first turn.  Before each race, they always wet down the track surface, so you never know quite what the grip will be like.  But it's the same for everybody, so you just figure it out as fast as you can and take advantage of it.

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GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte - IMG_0969.jpg

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GRC Dirt Track at Charlotte - IMG_7889.jpg

Really good to get second place and a silver medal!This season has been hard work, with learning the car, dealing with some bad bad luck, managing unfortunate racing incidents and just learning how to drive rallycross. It's an awesome feeling to make the podium.


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