• Energy FX

    GetEnergyFX.com distributes the true time released micro-encapsulated energy shot, Energy FX. This scientific breakthrough provides 6 hours of sustained energy without jitters, anxiety or crashing. It’s the healthy alternative to coffee, energy shots or energy drinks, allowing you to work out harder, stay alert and perform at your best.

    At Body FX, they have found a way to deliver the positive effects of caffeine with the microencapsulated caffeine in Energy FX. The time-released delivery lasts up to six hours, improving your energy, focus and the intensity and duration of your workouts. Energy FX is the formula you need to take your overall performance to a whole new energetic level.
  • Perfect Fitness

    Perfect Fitness®, a division of Implus Footcare LLC, is the market-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative fitness equipment including the Perfect Pushup®, Perfect Pullup®, Perfect Multi-Gym®, Perfect Situp®, and other fitness accessories.

    The company is committed to offering advanced product solutions to enable consumers of all fitness levels to unlock their body’s potential with products founded on functional training, natural movements and back-to-basics principles.
  • Tour Angle 144°

    Tour Angle 144 trains you to properly execute the key components of your golf swing, just like the pros. The training aide puts you in a perfect set-up position, teaches a one-piece unified takeaway for a full shoulder turn (for more distance), prevents casting your wrists too early (which can lead to slicing), teaches to ‘hold the angle’, delay the release, and hit down on the ball at impact. All the components of a powerful, consistent golf swing.

    The Tour Angle 144 is endorsed by Top 100 Golf Instructor, Steve Bosdosh, and the design won the “Best Market Research” Award at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show (Inventor’s Spotlight).
  • DTV Solutions

    DTV Solutions is a full service media company, acquiring and providing content for television and the web. DTVS creates brand concepts and marketing for products and talent in the world of sports, fitness, self-improvement and beauty.

    From documentary and reality to commercials and product videos, the company develops and manages content and production, with marketing exposure and direct sales consistently winning top 10 results and industry accolades.
  • Olsbergs Motorsports Evolution

    Olsbergs Motorsports Evolution (OlsbergsMSE or OMSE) is a leading automotive innovation company based in Nynashmn, Sweden, with operations in Huntington Beach, California. Led by Swedish rallycross champion Andreas Eriksson, OMSE is recognized as one of the top rallycross outfits in the world. A respected front-running team in Europe, OMSE burst onto the United States competition circuit five years ago with its powerful, 600 horsepower rallycross Ford Fiestas and continues to revolutionize the sport with its aggressive technological advancement and professional operations.

    Fielding top drivers including Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan and Marcus Gronholm, the team has won the 2011 and 2012 Global Rallycross Championships since the sport of rallycross came to the United States and has finished in the top ranks at X Games every year since OMSE debuted there in 2009.
  • Midnight Oil Motors

    Midnight Oil Motors is a full service auto repair and performance shop located in the Miramar area of San Diego, CA. While their core focus is BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VAG and Alfa Romeo, the staff has decades of experience working on everything from American Muscle cars to the most mundane import.

    They do everything from basic oil change and maintenance tasks all the way through complex engine repairs; and they pledge to do it all at a reasonable price while providing the highest level of customer service found in the industry. In addition to maintenance and repair, their experience and success in motorsport makes them the shop of choice for performance upgrades of any kind.
  • Rally Pro

    The RallyPro Performance Driving School at the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (The FIRM) is one of the most complete motorsport facilities in North America, with over 400 acres of varied terrain and driving surfaces.

    Including the acclaimed European-style rally school, an in-house security training academy, coupled with six unique paved, unpaved and off-road driving and riding circuits, The FIRM is the ideal venue for advanced driver education, special and exclusive events such as corporate training or team building, media and hospitality functions or open and closed test sessions.