June 19, 2015 – Daytona, Florida.

A double header at the very hot Daytona track presented a great opportunity, especially considering that out of all of the returning GRC Lites drivers from 2014, Geoff Sykes had been the fastest by far at this track.

However from the outset, the car was suffering from problems caused by the heat. Several teams endured these and other issues, but for Geoff, the problems compounded.

“It was tough to have things happen that would result in the engine limiting its revs,” said Geoff. “Every session had a technical issue, even an unrelated problem in qualifying put me towards the back of the pack.”

The worst was yet to come when the battery died and the car did not start for the Finals, the first time something like this had happened to Sykes in 3 seasons of rallycross racing.

“All the effort put in and we don’t make the race is very disappointing,” said Geoff, “when you look at the loss of championship points and the missed opportunity of doing well at a track I like. We will just have to fight harder in the next round!”


Rallycross combines circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition with intense, crowd-pleasing action in a fan-friendly track environment, featuring a challenging course that includes jumps, unbanked turns and changing track and surface conditions that can include dirt, gravel and wet asphalt.

Geoff Sykes is driving his third season in Global Rallycross, having come from an autocross and road racing background with multiple records and championships in the BMW CCA racing series, and is the 2013 GT champion in the US Touring Car Championship.

Sykes’ rallycross racing includes support from SONY Team Action Cam, RallyPro at The Firm, BendPak and Midnight Oil.

Photos: DTVS